Founded in November 2009 and operating from the heart of Manchester, K.O.M Recovery has steadily become a reputable firm offering roadside assistance and vehicle recovery in Manchester and around the UK. We have established ourselves as a fast, reliable and professional service provider. Our members of staff are well experienced within the motoring trade; consisting of a combined experience of 30 years within the mechanical and breakdown recovery industry.

Breaking down or being involved in an accident doesn’t usually occur with a warning of any kind. So when you do, we understand how stressful it can be. That’s why our priority is to get your vehicle moving, whether through roadside assistance, or vehicle recovery to your selected destination in Manchester and around the UK.

Vehicle Recovery

Our breakdown recovery service covers the whole of Manchester and the North West and we strive to ensure you are back on the road in the quickest time possible. If our qualified mechanic can’t fix the problem at the side of the road, we will give you a replacement vehicle until the problem is fixed.

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Accident Management

We can put you in contact with an accident managment company. They work for you – NOT the insurance industry! Their services cost you nothing! Whether you drive a car, a taxi, a van or a motorbike, they will put you in touch with a leading panel of solicitors to handle your claim and help you organise a hire car, deal with the other driver’s insurers, and get you full compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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Garage Services

We offer our vehicle maintenance and servicing packages to the general motoring public as well as contract customers whose fleets we maintain at given service intervals. Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is in top mechanical condition and reduces the chance of breakdown.

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We Buy any Vehicle

Whether you drive a twenty year old Skoda or a spanking new Porsche, we will offer you the best deal for your car, in a quick and convenient way, ensuring you sell your car within a matter of hours, and we leave you happy, satisfied and with a pocket full of cash!

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Accident Storage for Insurance

After an accident, your vehicle should be stored safely, securely and at no cost to you. At KOM Recovery we provide a 24hr manned depot (including full CCTV) with an Insurance Approved storage facility where your car will be stored safely until your Insurance Company can arrange pick up with ourselves, helping to take the stress of vehicle storage off your shoulders. This is all done totally free of charge (this is what you pay your fully comprehensive insurance for)